Micro Mini Thong Bikini

Not everybody can parade along the beach, swim, or go sunbathing in public wearing a micro mini thong bikini.  Hiding only small areas of the breasts and the crotch, micro thong swimsuits leave everything else bare and unprotected.  With its style and design, strong will and confidence might just not be enough to pull off your silent but glorious beach fashion show.  You have got to “have what it takes.” But really, what does it take to be able to wear a teeny-weeny bathing suit and give it justice?

Micro Mini Bikinis

Get rid of unsightly hair.

Aside from having the nerve and the guts to strut your body with so little on, you would need to have good waxing.  If you are used to waxing yourself, go ahead and grab a home waxing kit, and get the job done.  But if you do not have any idea how waxing is done, then you better get somebody else do it for you.  Your favorite spa or salon might be offering that kind of service so just go and check it out.  Make sure to have that superb waxing to get that clean, smooth, and hair-free skin.

Usually, bikini waxing involves removing all body hair from neck to foot, especially pubic hair.  You’d most likely be asked to take off all your clothes so as to be able to strip you off those body hairs.  The whole process is quite painful since it involves ripping your body hair from your skin with the use of light powder dusting, warm coat of wax, and a strip of masking paper.  However, most people find the pain worth it.

Apply and reapply sun block.

You’d be leaving almost your whole skin exposed not only to everybody’s eyes but also to the sun’s rays.  It cannot be denied that too much exposure to the sun’s rays can cause damage to your skin – ugly and painful damage.  So unless you want to get painful sunburn and awful marks, be sure to apply sun block with the right SPF to protect your skin
against harmful UV rays.  Reapply sun block when necessary.  It is better to be safe than to regret not putting on enough sunblock.

Have the spirit.

That is most important.  Even if you’ve got the fabulous body for a micro swimwear, you would not be able to wear one unless you’ve got the guts to do so.  It is also important that you are comfortable wearing one.  What you think and what you feel are more important than what others do, so simply feel beautiful and be beautiful.