Micro Mini String Bikini

A micro mini string bikini refers to the really small version of string bikinis.  These are among the most classic styles of two-piece swimwear.  They are made of four small pieces of triangular fabric intended to cover the crotch area and buttocks, as well as the two breasts.  These swatches of cloth are held together by thin strings that can be tied, untied, and adjusted around the neck, at the back, and on the sides of the hips (in the case of the bottoms).

This type of beachwear can be considered as extreme apparel by some.  The triangular pieces of cloth intended to cover the body’s sensitive parts are so small that they provide very little coverage.  Choosing the right size or fit usually is not a simple task but there is a trick to getting your size easier aside from trying all the sizes on.  Since the tops and bottoms are just like your regular bra and panty, you can use your regular panty size as basis for your swimsuit size.  You can try on a swimsuit with your regular hip size or one that is a notch bigger or higher.  You can also take your own body measurements or vital statistics beforehand so you would not waste too much time pondering on the right bathing suit.

Getting the right fit

When measuring your vital statistics, your tape measure must be neither too loose nor too tight so as to make sure you get accurate results.  This rule applies to both your top and bottom measurements.  Also, you can try the bathing on before actually purchasing it.  See if it fits you well, if the color suits you, if the design complements your body, and if all areas of it fit properly.

Wear it with confidence

Finally, one thing you must remember about teensy-weensy swimming apparel and other types of beachwear is that they all require a lot of confidence to wear.  By confidence, this means real and full confidence and not just putting a brave front.  It is important that you are comfortable with your bikini not just physically but also psychologically.  If you are not comfortable wearing this kind of beach apparel, might as well not do it because if you have hesitation, it would definitely show.  Quit slouching and just feel beautiful.  Your attitude transcends most other factors, so if you raise your head and get on with it brimming with confidence, you would definitely feel beautiful and eventually exude that beauty that comes from within.