Micro Mini Sheer Bikini

Micro mini sheer bikini presents double the dare and requires double the confidence.  Not only is this small enough to conceal very little, it also becomes totally see-through when wet, thus leaving the little areas it managed to hide when it was dry totally exposed.  It is one of the most daring types of swimwear.  When it is wet, a semi-transparent swimsuit reveals everything hidden within those small pieces of fabric.  When it is dry, it leaves little things to the imagination by covering very small areas of the breasts and the crotch area.

Bikini set

A set usually consists of a thong as the bottom and a string top.  These pieces are made of very small swatches of fabric used to provide little coverage for some areas of the breasts and the crotch, while the buttocks are usually left exposed.  They are usually held in place by strings that can be tied and untied.

The advantage of wearing this type of swimwear

Not only do women go for sheer beachwear for fashion, they also get to experience maximum tanning with the little skin coverage that this type provides its wearer.  Since most of the skin is left uncovered, they reserve generous amount of sunlight, which can translate to great sun-tanning.

Tips when wearing one

It is important for you to be able to have fun while wearing your sheer outfit. And what better way to start this daring experience than to have it fueled with comfort and confidence.  You can treat this bikini style as a celebration of female beauty, allowing the wearer to reveal everything to the naked eye with full confidence.  However, one thing that you must not forget is to get rid of those unsightly hairs on your body.  You can do so through waxing.  Though the process can be quite painful, the results make the pain worth it.

It is worth noting and emphasizing that this is not the kind of swimming apparel for the faint-hearted.  Unless you have that overwhelming guts and confidence, you might as well quit thinking about wearing this provocative two-piece.

Care and maintenance

Do not forget to handwash your bikini after using it.  Doing so prevents easy wear and tear caused by exposure to various elements such as the sun’s rays, sand, chlorinated water, sea salt, and many others.  Use liquid detergent or any other type of detergent that is mild enough to avoid damage to the swimsuit’s delicate fabrics.