Extreme Micro Mini Bikini

An extreme micro mini bikini is so tiny that its fabrics, providing almost no coverage at all, leave almost nothing to the imagination.  You might think this type of two-piece is outrageously daring in its own respects.  However, you might be surprised to know that there are several other styles that surpass these sexy pieces’ extremely daring feat.

Though freedom of expression is respected and a woman can be as bold and daring as she can be when it comes to swimwear fashion, there are restrictions on the extent to which one can be daring in her swimming outfit, especially in a public beach or resort.  Those that exceed these restrictions are called or tagged as illegal bikinis.  Most swimming
venues prohibit the use of these types of swimwear because illegal swimming outfits are those considered indecent.  Here are some examples.

Invisible tops and bottoms

Invisible two-piece items are those that seem barely there.  Coming in different styles for various consumer needs and tastes, invisible swimsuits are made of materials that make one look totally naked.  Some are made of sheer materials that become see-through when wet.  Others are simply made of strings placed strategically on areas that must be covered.  This type of beachwear is referred to as the “peekaboo.”


The front of slingshot pieces has a low cut.  Coverage for the breasts is very slim that it covers very little.  The bottoms also have their own share of being daring with their v-back design.

Transparent swimsuits

Transparent swimwear items are those which expose the body entirely with the use of materials such as ultra sheer fabric.  Since this type of bathing suit is transparent, it reveals every part of a woman’s external anatomy to the naked eye, even those that are mandated by law to be covered especially when in public.

Dental floss

The bottom in this type of bathing suit is characterized by completely bare buttocks adorned only by a piece of string to separate the two butt cheeks.  The front part of the bottom, the one used to cover the crotch area, is usually adjustable into various sizes depending on how much you can bare.  The rear part or the buttocks area is left completely unclothed.

Since they are very revealing, where can you wear an exotic piece?  Unless you want to experience the shame and trouble of being arrested because of wearing an inappropriate swimming outfit, you’d better not wear such daring swimsuits in family-oriented places.  Private adult-oriented pool or beach parties will do, along with nudist beaches around the world.