Micro Mini Bikinis

From the first pair of bikinis developed in mid-1940s evolved smaller versions, making use of less and less fabric such as micro mini bikinis.  This type of two-piece covers only the necessary regions and leaves the rest exposed to the sun and to everybody’s eyes.  Leaving little to the imagination, micro swimsuits are considered as among the most daring types of swimwear on the market today.  Because they provide little coverage, they are ideal for sunbathing and sun-tanning.  They have that stylish and fashionable way of baring everything except some of the body’s must-cover parts for a little tease.  Through this, such beachwear allows the wearer to flaunt her body’s beauty in its entirety.

Micro beachwear items are a product of the evolution of women’s swimwear from the traditional one-piece.  From this one-piece was an item that was soon split into a two-piece set: the bikini.  This new version took other forms and began to develop into small bikini variants.  Micro bikinis are among these tiny beachwear types.

Microkinis are composed of a tiny top and a likewise tiny bottom.  Just how tiny is a tiny top? Think of a regular string version, cut off 1 to 2 inches excess fabric from all sides, and that is it.  You have a micro top.  Do the same with a regular string bottom.  Take away about an inch or two more around the edges of the rear part.  That is your micro bottom.  These tiny pieces allow maximum sun exposure, making them the perfect outfit when sunbathing.

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Because micro bathing suits are intended to reveal that much, it is important that you get rid of unwanted and unsightly hair on your body, especially the pubic hair at the crotch and anal area, and your leg hairs.  Your swimsuit would look best on you with your smooth and flawless skin.


Since they are usually used for sunbathing and sun-tanning, these sexy pieces are usually made of materials that allow more sunlight to pass through for a better tanning effect.  Bathing suits for this purpose are usually made from a material called crochet.  This material’s weaves are somewhat loose, allowing more sunlight to pass through.  Most swimming apparel, however, are made from spandex and Lycra.  These types of fabric have that kind of stretch and hold that is most appropriate for beach apparel as small as a micro swimsuit.  Their unique mix of elasticity and firmness keep micro bikinis’ small coverings in place.